A Pineapple and Butterfly

by Maria Sibylla Merian

Here's a description of a pineapple and butterfly in Merian's own words:


"This is a ripe Ananas (pineapple), which must be peeled to be eaten.

This fruit tastes [like] one had mixed grapes, apricots, red currants, apples, and pears, and [we could] taste all of them at once.

Its smell is attractive and strong.

The caterpillar, which sits on this pineapple, I found in the grass beside the pineapples in 1700 at the beginning of May.
It was light green with red and white stripes along the whole body.

On 10 May, it changed into a chrysalis, and on 18 May, a very beautiful butterfly (Philaetria dido) emerged decorated with luminous green flecks, which is shown twice, resting and in flight.

If the butterfly is observed through a magnifying glass, the 'dust' on the wings resembles fish scales with three branches on each scale, covered with long hairs.

The scales are so symmetrical that they can be counted without any difficulty.

The body is covered with feathers interwoven with hairs."




As featured on
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MSM Pineapple and Butterfly
Maria Sibylla Merian
Maria Sibylla Merian

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