The Suspense of Gardens

#OTD On this day, April 29th, in 1980 Alfred Hitchcock died.

On social media, you can see images of a very young Alfred Hitchcock in Italy, on the set of what many believed to be his first feature-length silent film, The Pleasure Garden (1925).

He filmed an extravagant “Garden Party" scene in his 1950 film Stage Fright staring Jane Wyman and Alastair Sim.

Then in 1989, the first three reels of Alfred Hitchcock's 1923 silent film "The White Shadow" was discovered in Jack Murtagh's garden shed in Hastings, New Zealand. The film was long thought to be lost.

It was Alfred Hitchcock who said,

"Places' are the real stars of my films: the Psycho house, the house in Rebecca, the Covent Garden market in Frenzy"

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Alfred Hitchcock 1955
Alfred Hitchcock 1955