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Today's book recommendation: Oak by William Bryant Logan

As a professional arborist and award-winning nature writer Logan captures the reciprocal relationship between humans and oak trees for centuries. Oak is a fascinating book and Logan's prose sometimes reads almost like poetry. In the book, Logan even writes about the mighty acorn and its little known use as an edible. Logan tries to make acorn jelly and acorn flour and he writes that the acorn has a unique characteristic as an edible; it makes you feel full for hours after eating it.

Logan says,

"There is some basic sympathy between oaks and humans. We invented a whole way of living out of their fruit and their wood, and by that token, they too invented us."

Logan is the author of the simply-titled books Dirt, Oak, Air, and Sprout Lands. 

Written in 2006, you can get used copies for under $8 on Amazon using the link in today's show notes.



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