The Chinese Kitchen Garden by Wendy Kiang-Spray

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Today's book recommendation: The Chinese Kitchen Garden by Wendy Kiang-Spray

Back in 2018, I had the opportunity to interview Wendy and it remains one of my favorite conversations about growing and using edibles from the garden.
The Chinese Kitchen Garden is half how to grow, half how to cook, and half an amazing glimpse into the wonderful Kiang-Spray Family - so that’s 150% worth of yummy, beautiful, love in one book.  
As gardeners, sometimes we can get a little restless - searching for a new variety - something new to try - and when nothing strikes our fancy, we can feel unsatisfied.  Well, Wendy's introduction to Asian Vegetables is a spark and it opens the door to growing a whole new cast of edibles. What I learned from Wendy is that often the Asian vegetables she learned to grow and eat are often upgrades from the standard varieties. Now THAT's exciting.
If you are looking for something new to grow, if you’re a foodie or if you want to start a kitchen garden, The Chinese Kitchen Garden is perfect for you. And, if you want to check out my interview with Wendy over at the Still Growing podcast, just search for Episode 601 and hit play. 
During that episode, Wendy read excerpts from many of my favorite parts in the book and she’ll also shares many of the Chinese vegetables — like lotus root, bitter melons, stem lettuce, day lilies, and Chinese cucumbers — and traditional recipes that will make you drool. Finally, Wendy’s book is organized by season, so handy - you’ll learn what to grow in spring and what to cook in winter.


"If you have a garden, a garden podcast, and a library,
you have everything you need."

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