Plant Parenting by Leslie Halleck

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Today's book recommendation: Plant Parenting by Leslie Halleck

This is a new book that just came out in June of this year from Timber Press. The author, Leslie Halleck, founded Halleck Horticultural and she likes to say that when it comes to plants, people naturally feel a relationship with them. Once people fall in love with plants, they want more of them. This is where propagating becomes a useful skill to learn. Mastering propagation is a snap with Halleck's book which breaks down the different options and modern resources available to gardeners. This book offers up some pretty marvelous photos along with simple instructions.

Halleck embraces the trends that are used nowadays by interior designers who incorporate plants as a way to add sculptural elements and warmth to the indoors. The images in Halleck's book are gorgeous and they feel very on trend. If you have gardeners in your life, be sure to share this lovely, friendly introduction to propagating houseplants, flowers, and vegetables.


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