Gardening with Foliage First by Karen Chapman

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Today's book recommendation: Gardening with Foliage First by Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz

Over the years, Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz have designed hundreds of gardens.  The two met at an event where Christina was presenting on interesting foliage combinations.  Karen was sitting in the audience and felt an immediate connection, because Christina’s work was so aligned with her own - they both appreciated unique and interesting - even uncommon plant combinations. They quickly realized they had been traveling parallel paths as designers and writers - they were true horticultural kindred spirits. So, their collaboration on Foliage First was a natural output of their connection.
I had the great opportunity to interview Karen and Christina on Episode 603 of the Still Growing Podcast. I mention at the top of that show that Karen and Christina are passionate about something they call the foliage framework. This is their starting point for designing a garden and they know that it requires a little bit of discipline, a little bit of focus, and lots of practice.  Instead of focusing on the shiny objects - blooms or artistic elements - Karen and Christina know the best foundation for a garden begins with foliage.  Well planned gardens feature foliage that offers year-round color, texture, and interest. Add in blooms and art, and you have a lovely garden.
Karen and Christina’s book is expertly organized with color coded pages by season: Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter; and also by exposure: Shade or Sun.  
What’s it like when you get two designers to share 127 Dazzling Plant Combinations that Pair the Beauty of Leaves with Flowers, Bark, Berries, and More in a single book? Nirvana.  
This book is for the true garden geeks or the landscape designers on the look for new, practical ideas.   Learn How to Design a Garden with Foliage First with Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz.


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