Sowing Beauty by James Hitchmough 

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It's time to Grow That Garden Library with today's book: Sowing Beauty by James Hitchmough 

The subtitle for today's book is Designing Flowering Meadows from Seed,  and that is indeed what makes Hitchmough's approach unique and different.

James has come up with his way of combining seeds to significant effect. The result is a beautiful garden, grown entirely from seed.  There's no need to purchase starter plants from nurseries and no need to scour plant sales.

James is a professor of horticultural ecology at the University of Sheffield his work centers around developing novel approaches to planting design. 

As a researcher and a practitioner, James prioritizes both aesthetics and function. His ecological plantings strive to accomplish both; his plants are beautiful, layered, and naturalistic.

Hitchmough has worked to find mixes that can hold their own and exist for years in the garden - and also resist weeds.
Best of all, Hitchmough shares his seed mix recipes in the book, and they are shared for a variety of growing zones. 


"If you have a garden, a gardening podcast, and a library,
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