The Gardens of Russell Page by Gabrielle Zuylen and Marina Schinz

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Today's Grow That Garden Library book recommendation: The Gardens of Russell Page by Gabrielle Zuylen and Marina Schinz

Schinz and van Zuylen researched and photographed all of Page's best work, both early and late, and some now no longer extant. They share some of his private files and unpublished writing and help us get to know Page and his work more keenly.  The book shares over 250 photographs that capture the exceptional beauty of Page creations in England, America, and throughout continental Europe.

I love the tidbit about Page that is shared in the introduction:
"In his youth, he had wanted to be a painter, but acquaintances in Paris intent on making gardens helped change his direction. In later years, when he was asked whether he was more of a plantsman or a designer, his answer was understated: "I know more about plants than most designers and more about design than most plantsmen." In fact, he had an exceptional understanding, knowledge, and feel for, plants allied to a strong sense of architecture."
This book came out in 2008. You can get used copies using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for under $4.


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