Starting & Saving Seeds by Julie Thompson Adolf

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It's Time to Grow That Garden Library with Today's Book: Starting & Saving Seeds by Julie Thompson Adolf

The subtitle to this book is Grow the Perfect Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers for Your Garden.

Julie's book is a great gift for anyone who wants to start growing plants from seed. It's a whole 'nother world and it can be scary for gardeners to attempt starting & saving seeds on their own. I get it.

Well, here's why Julie's book is a great guide: she gets it. She totally relates to the newbie seed starter anxieties and questions around this topic. Best of all, she is 100% approachable. As she says in the introduction to her book:

"Think of me as your new friend or the neighbor next door who loves to garden. Together we'll banish any fears of failure and create a beautiful, healthy, delicious, self-sufficient garden - from seed." Yay!

So, now that intimidation is off the table, let Julie walk you through how to handle bigger challenges like dealing with seeds that are stubborn germinators - seeds that I call the "Terminator Germinators."

Even better, Julie recognizes that not everyone wants to set up shop indoors. If you don't want to grow lights or have limited space, let Julie teach you how to seed outdoors - because direct sowing couldn't be simpler. Did someone say zinnias?

Better yet, as your confidence grows, let Julie convince you of the many benefits of starting plants from seeds  - the cost savings, the increased variety options, and the appreciation factor. When you start a plant from seed - you really appreciate the entire life cycle of the plant and that deepens your understanding. 



"If you have a garden, a garden podcast, and a library,
you have everything you need."

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