Garlic, Onion, and Other Alliums by Ellen Spector Platt

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It's Time to Grow That Garden Library with Today's Book: Garlic, Onion, and Other Alliums by Ellen Spector Platt

Ellen Spector Platt started out as a psychologist before becoming a flower farmer at Meadow Lark Flower & Herb Farm. Garlic, Onion, & Other Alliums was her 10th book. 
In one of her earlier books, Platt explained,

"At first, the garden was simply a part of my personal stress management program, then It became an exciting new part-time business. But the pull of farming finally seduced me to close my practice ... to spend all of my working hours at the Meadow Lark."

It's fitting that Platt was inspired to write a handbook on the alliums, including garlic, onions, chives, leeks, and shallots because they are a successful first venture for so many gardeners.

Platt offers directions on growing and harvesting each plant, along with ideas for the garden, crafts, and cooking. And she includes step-by-step instructions for arrangements, garlands, and wreaths, as well as recipes for soups, sides, and entrees.

This book came out in 2003. Best of all, you can get a used copy and support the show, using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for under $5.



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