Houseplants by Lisa Steinkopf

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Houseplants by Lisa Steinkopf
The resurgent interest in houseplants is due primarily to Millennials who are filling every nook and cranny in their homes with houseplants. Those smart millennials!
If you (like so many millennials) are filling your house with houseplants - especially during the winter season when they add so much - humidity, green, a touch of the outdoors, and clean air.
One of the things I appreciated the most about Lisa’s book is that she divided the 125 houseplants featured in her book into three helpful categories - Easy to Grow, Moderately Easy-to-Grow, and Don’t-Try-This-at-Home-It’s-A-Waste-of-Money-and-Time-and-You-Really-Need-That-New-Pair-of-Shoes. Just kidding. It’s actually just called Challenging to Grow. (Which doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? Still - be careful here.)
Now, guess which one Lisa and I spent the most time talking about when we chatted a while back? You’re right, again - the easy-to-grow category. Why? Because that’s where the sweet spot is. These plants give the best return on investment of your time and money. These are also the plants that will provide you with the most personal satisfaction.
Here’s what you are going to love about Lisa’s book: she’s down-to-earth, and she’s a conscious competent - she knows how to teach houseplants to anyone (even those without green thumbs!)
I’m also betting she must be an incredibly wonderful mom and wife because her understanding family has made room for over 1,000 houseplants thriving under Lisa’s care and supervision.
This book came out in 2017.
You can get a used copy of Houseplants by Lisa Steinkopf and support the show, using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for under $14.


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