Creating Sanctuary by Jessi Bloom

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Creating Sanctuary by Jessi Bloom
This book is a favorite of mine. Rosemary Gladstar, the herbalist and author, said this about Jessi’s book:
“In this beautiful, inspiring, and practical book, we are invited to look deeply at the landscape around us and create sacred respites from our busy worlds.”
Creating Sanctuary is about creating a garden that will nourish your spiritual and emotional well-being. Jessi's beautiful book is chock full of ideas. She will help you discover ways to have a deeper connection with your garden. You'll discover the powerful and beneficial properties of plants, and learn how to incorporate nature-based routines and rituals.
With the help of Jessi's book, you can turn your garden into a sanctuary -  a place of true restoration for your mind, body, and soul.
Jessi's book came out in November of 2018.
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