Witch Doctor’s Apprentice by Nicole Maxwell

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Witch Doctor’s Apprentice by Nicole Maxwell
The subtitle to this book is: Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon
This memoir features Nicole Maxwell who was hunting for medicinal plants in the rainforest. Despite setbacks and disillusionment, she never lost sight of her goals.
Maxwell, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, was scouring the Amazon rainforest for clues to ancient medicinal plants and practices.
Maxwell has created an appendix that catalogs all of the plants mentioned in the text, with their scientific names, the names by which they are known locally, and their medicinal uses. This edition also includes a new introduction by the noted ethnobotanist Terence McKenna.
“A spirited and engrossing personal narrative, as much about people and places, discomforts, and dangers, the beauty of the jungle."
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