A Botanist’s Vocabulary by Susan K. Pell and Bobbi Angell

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A Botanist's Vocabulary by Susan K. Pell and Bobbi Angell
This book came out in May of 2015, and it describes and illustrates - which is so helpful - a whopping 1300 terms.
Bobbi and Susan introduce their book this way:
"We have attempted to define terms used by botanists, naturalists, and gardeners alike to describe plants.
The included terms mostly refer to plant structures and come from the horticultural and botanical literature and practice. Many… terms are not easily defined or illustrated. If they were, the botanical kingdom would not be as rich and engaging as it is. With infinite variety, petals and sepals sometimes adhere to each other to attract pollinators or facilitate pollination; male and female reproductive parts may fuse to form intricate unified columns; fruits have peculiar, sometimes complicated, mechanisms of seed dispersal.
There are terms that apply only to a particular group of plants, such as orchids, grasses, or irises. Some apply to whole plants or ecosystems, while others are visible only under a microscope.
Please wander through the book to recognize the easily applied terms and learn a few unusual ones, but also use the book as a reference when you are stumped by a field guide or a strange-looking fruit. We hope your newfound knowledge helps you gain an even greater appreciation for the world of plants."
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