A Taste for Herbs by Sue Goetz

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The subtitle of this book is: A Guide To Seasonings, Mixes, and Blends from the Herb Lover's Garden.
Sue's book helps you become an herbal taste master. The preview to this book challenges us to think of this book as an herb seasoning Master Class - filled with simple secrets for capturing the power of flavor from your herb garden.
And here's how Sue describes her book. She writes:
In these pages you'll find all you need to know about 20 of the most commonly used and flavor-rich herbs: how to grow them (which is easy), the best varieties to choose, what parts to use, essential information, and tips throughout.
I'll take you step-by-simple-step, through harvesting,preserving the herbs, and capturing all those precious flavors. 
And, as promised, there are the recipes - over a hundred - showing you how to flavor, mix, mingle, and blend herbs into almost any meal. The big takeaway is that you become a creator of flavors, a master of blends, an infusion maven.
And, you deepen your relationship with the plants that you bring to your table and the garden that produces them.
Now, this book just recently celebrated its one-year anniversary on February 1st.
You can get a used copy of and support the show, using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for under $8.


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