On the Wild Side by Keith Wiley

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It's hard to believe that this book was published on this day already sixteen years ago in 2004. The subtitle to this book is "Experiments in the New Naturalism."
Keith created his own wild garden in the early 2000s after being inspired by rural England.
He also discovered an entire world of influence as he studied New England roadsides, the Colorado Rockies, Swiss Alpine Meadows, and the South African savannas.
In this book, Keith strives to capture "only the spirit of wild plantings and never attempt to replicate exactly any landscape or combination of plants." Keith has learned to focus on form, color, and placement of plants. His attention to detail is what makes his approach work so well.
Keith was an early advocate of grouping plants into plant communities. He loves it when plants self-seed - especially when they create beauty in unanticipated ways.
Keith's book shares many of his favorite plants and plant groupings. He offers tons of advice and ideas for gardens. in this book, he's hoping to inspire us to get creative, "freeing your own creative inner spirit from the straitjacket of horticultural tradition."


"If you have a garden, a garden podcast, and a library,
you have everything you need."

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