Natural Living Style by Selina Lake

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Natural Living Style by Selina Lake

This book came out in March of 2019 and the subtitle is Inspirational ideas for a beautiful and sustainable home.

In her review of this book Julie from Try Small Things said,

“They say change starts at home. What I’ve come away with from Natural Living Style are all kinds of ideas for reducing plastics and waste around the home in favor of natural or greener alternatives. As it turns out, they can be functional, sustainable and That’s inspired living.”

Selina’s book is divided into sections, Inspirations, Textures, Natural Living Spaces, and The Natural Garden where Selina writes about green gardening, growing your own food, and exploring, enjoying, and living in the natural world. The book is sprinkled with lots of earthy-friendly tips and inspiration to help you create an eco-friendly home and garden.

This book is 160 pages of eco-living without sacrificing style

You can get a copy of Natural Living Style by Selina Lake and support the show, using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $16.


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