The New Southern Garden Cookbook by Sheri Castle

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The New Southern Garden Cookbook by Sheri Castle
This book came out in 2011, and the subtitle is Enjoying the Best from Homegrown Gardens, Farmers' Markets, Roadside Stands, and CSA Farm Boxes.
In this book, Sheri aims to make "what's in season" the answer to "what's for dinner?".  I love that!
Shari’s cookbook offers over 300 recipes that will inspire new and experienced cooks, southern or not, to utilize the seasonal delights from our gardens.
“Sheri Castle offers a vision for Southern cuisine that's based wholly on locally grown, seasonal foods. . . . The ingredient lists are seductive on their own, but Sheri is a warm and engaging writer with the kind of practical wisdom that enlightens any kitchen.” — Oxford American
“She formulates realistic recipes in her well-equipped but ordinary home kitchen….The proof of this pudding is in the produce: fresh, with reverence and flair. Y'all dig in.” — The Pilot

This book is 456 pages of garden recipes from a true southern hostess.
You can get a copy of The New Southern Garden Cookbook by Sheri Castle and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $4


"If you have a garden, a garden podcast, and a library,
you have everything you need."

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