Mini Farming by Brett L. Markham

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Mini Farming by Brett L. Markham 
This book came out in 2010, and the subtitle is Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre.
Brett’s book is a #1 rated five-star bestseller on Amazon. His book is practical and evergreen with tips for how to, as Brett likes to say,
“provide 85 percent of the food for a family of four and earn an income.”

Brett covers garden basics like buying and saving seeds, starting seedlings, establishing raised beds, soil fertility practices, composting, dealing with pest and disease problems, and crop rotation. Brett also addresses self-sufficiency topics like raising backyard chickens and home canning.
Brett is an engineer, a third-generation farmer, and a polymath in terms of his own experience. Brett runs a profitable, Certified Naturally Grown mini farm on less than half an acre in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.
This book is 240 pages of DIY gardening and gardening for profit. I think it would make a wonderful gift for the holidays - especially if you need to find the perfect gift for someone interested in self-sufficiency.
You can get a copy of Mini Farming by Brett L. Markham and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $7


"If you have a garden, a garden podcast, and a library,
you have everything you need."

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