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Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement by Judith B. Tankard 
This book came out in 2018, and the topic is a favorite of mine.
In this book, the landscape scholar Judith B. Tankard shares the inspirations, elements, and evolution of garden design during this iconic movement. Judith hand-picked homes and gardens from Great Britain and North America to show the diversity of designers who helped forge the Arts and Crafts Movement.
I love reading Judith's work because she does such thorough research, and then she presents everything she’s learned with great clarity and passion. Whether you are an architect, student, garden designer, or hobbyist, Judith’s book offers a compelling narrative explaining how this garden design period is still relevant to how we create and understand landscapes today.
Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement features celebrated artists such as William Morris and Gertrude Jekyll. Readers will benefit from Judith’s diligence in collecting visuals like photographs, period paintings, and garden plans to convey all the important elements of the movement.
This book is 300 pages of the best examples of the Arts and Crafts movement with Judith as your expert guide.
You can get a copy of Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement by Judith B. Tankard and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $25


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