The Farm by Ian Knauer

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The Farm by Ian Knauer
This cookbook came out in 2012, and the subtitle is Rustic Recipes for a Year of Incredible Food.
This cookbook is a compilation of fantastic original recipes from Ian Knauer ("Ka-NOW-ur").
His publisher writes:
“When Ian Knauer was a cook in the Gourmet test kitchen, he quickly became known for recipes so stupendously good that they turned the heads of the country’s top food editors. His effortless combinations made the best of seasonal produce from the Pennsylvania farm that has been in his family since the eighteenth century.”

Ian’s home and fresh recipe innovations are rooted in the garden. Cold-Spring-Night Asparagus Soup and Brick Chicken with Corn and Basil Salad will have you revising your plant list for 2021 and scouring your freezer for your stockpiles.
Ian’s ideas will strike a chord with gardener-cooks.
“You’ll find recipes that incorporate all parts of the vegetable, like Pasta with Radishes and Blue Cheese, which incorporates the radish leaves as well as the root, and spritely Swiss Chard Salad. You’ll learn how to make great food from simple ingredients you have on hand, like Potato Nachos. You’ll discover recipes for less-familiar produce from your market or your backyard, such as Chicken with Garlic Scape Pesto and Dandelion Green Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing.”

This book is 256 pages of Ian’s masterpieces along with Knauer family secret recipes, and all are simple, distinctive, and satisfying, getting the best food to the table in the least amount of time.
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