Planting Design for Dry Gardens by Olivier Filippi

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Planting Design for Dry Gardens by Olivier Filippi
This book came out in 2016, and the subtitle is Beautiful, Resilient Groundcovers for Terraces, Paved Areas, Gravel and Other Alternatives to the Lawn.
In this book, Olivier brings his 25 years of studying plants in the world’s driest places. The author of The Dry Gardening Handbook, Oliver, understands how to grow groundcovers in the most challenging situations.
While green lawns are the goal for most homeowners, they often look scrappy and brown due to one reason or another. Olivier’s book offers groundcover designs that are eco-friendly and so gorgeous that they redefine the boundaries between traditional lawn and innovative plant borders. Olivier drew his inspiration from the wild plant communities of Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. By rigorously trialing plant combinations, Olivier discovered plant selections that are vigorous and hardy on terraces, paths, gravel beds, and flower borders, as well as open yard spaces. Olivier’s smart plant choices include tough new macrothermal grasses, carpeting groundcovers, and stunning wildflower mixes that thrive among gravel and stone.
And Olivier thoughtfully includes an indispensable plant directory with over 200 tough and gorgeous dry garden plants that will delight gardeners.
This book is 240 pages of lush groundcovers to help you create a sustainable and low maintenance space.
You can get a copy of Planting Design for Dry Gardens by Olivier Filippi and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $30


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