Farming the Woods by Ken Mudge, Steve Gabriel , et al.

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Farming the Woods by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel 
This book came out in 2014, and the subtitle is An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests.
In this book, you're going to learn about Forest Farming. According to Ken and Steve, Forest Farming is one of many agroforestry practices that is specifically focused on growing crops underneath the forest canopy of an existing forest. I love Ken and Steve's book because they teach us new and exciting ways to relate to the forest.
This book is an excellent resource for gardeners looking for something new and different to try, especially if they live near a forest or some woods.
Ken and Steve share many examples of forest farming. You'll meet a couple who cultivate shiitake mushrooms alongside wild mushrooms in the cool shade of a Hemlock Forest. You'll visit a delightful forest in February and watch sap get collected from the sugar trees to make maple syrup. These are just a few of the ways that forestry and farming - and gardening - can go hand-in-hand; they are not at odds. Since the beginning of time, people have sustained themselves from tree-based systems, and Ken and Steve will help you learn how to return to the forest.
Farming the Woods teaches gardeners how to maintain a healthy forest while growing a wide range of food, medicinal, and other non-timber products. This book was the first in-depth guide for farmers and gardeners who have access to an established woodland and are looking for productive ways to manage it.
And in case you're wondering, forest crops include American ginseng, shiitake mushrooms, ramps (wild leeks), maple syrup, fruit and nut trees, ornamental ferns, and more.
This book is 384 pages of must-read wisdom for gardeners looking to diversify their gardening practices and incorporate agroforestry, permaculture, forest gardening, and sustainable woodlot management.
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