The Gardens of Luciano Giubbilei by Andrew Wilson, Steven Wooster, et al.

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The Gardens of Luciano Giubbilei by Andrew Wilson 
This book came out in 2015, and it is the second edition.
In this book, Andrew showcases the incredible work of the garden designer Luciano Giubbilei (“Lou-CHAN-no JOO-bee-lay”).
Known for the understated elegance of his garden designs, Luciano utilizes the composition of space and evolves his approach to suit his clients and his maturing ideas.
This book spotlights a dozen gardens from Luciano’s portfolio. And every detail is shared: from Mood boards to final plantings.
Andrew’s book thoughtfully includes pages on nursery production, site development, sourcing plants, the artists that Luciano works with, Luciano’s working methods, and how Luciano finds inspiration - And I love that level of detail.
This book is 240 pages of Luciano Giubbilei’s work - it's a coffee table book - and a celebration of a magnificent dozen of his creations - along with planting plans, archival documents, and gorgeous photographs from garden photographer Steven Wooster.
You can get a copy of The Gardens of Luciano Giubbilei by Andrew Wilson and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $47


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