Gardens of Style by Janelle McCulloch

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Gardens of Style by Janelle McCulloch
This book came out in 2018, and the subtitle is Private Hideaways of the Design World.
In this book, Janelle takes us to visit the inspiring private gardens of celebrated fashion and design tastemakers.
Thanks to Janelle's work, we can understand how these beautiful sanctuaries - these gardens - have influenced creative work and life.
Throughout history, Mother Nature has been a frequent source of inspiration in fashion and design. Fashion designers like Christian Dior to have used gardens and botanicals in their collections. Like us, these designers and their interior design counterparts find that gardens restore their creativity and revitalize their energy.
Janelle's book takes us,
"from the lush foliage of the Dominican Republic to the graceful flowerbeds of America’s East Coast, the charming roses and clipped boxwood of England’s country manors, and the patterned parterres of France’s enchanting Provence region—Gardens of Style illustrates the symbiotic relationship between horticulture and haute couture and between nature’s beautiful forms and those found in interior design. For instance, the garden of former Hermès designer Nicole de Vésian (duh-VAY-zee-an) is a sublime weave of patterns and textures, while the garden of Christian Dior features many of the roses that inspired his glamorous gowns."

This book is 240 pages of beautifully photographed gardens to delight and inspire, along with stories that show the connection between trendsetters and their horticultural havens - it's a beautiful coffee table book.
You can get a copy of Gardens of Style by Janelle McCulloch and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $14.



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