A Life in Shadow by Stephen Bell

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A Life in Shadow by Stephen Bell
This book came out in 2010, and the subtitle is Aimé Bonpland in Southern South America, 1817–1858.
In this book, Stephen shares the story of the French naturalist and medical doctor Aimé Bonpland, one of the most important South American scientific explorers in the early nineteenth century.
Working alongside Alexander von Humboldt, Aimé later conducted his own research and went much farther south than Humboldt. Stephen outlines Aimé’s movements through Argentina, Paraguay (where he was imprisoned for nearly a decade), Uruguay, and south Brazil. By exploring the interior of South America, Aimé’s experience is a unique account of the natural world - along with the social and economic circumstances of the era.
Stephen’s well-researched book is no longer in print, but you can still find rare copies online.
This book is 336 pages of fascinating history, showing Aimé Bonpland’s life in rich detail.
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