Botanica Magnifica by Jonathan M. Singer

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Botanica Magnifica by Jonathan Singer
This book came out in 2009, and the subtitle is Portraits of the World's Most Extraordinary Flowers and Plants.

In this out-of-print book, Jonathan Singer shares 250 of his stunning photographs of rare and exotic plants and flowers "in large scale and exquisite detail, in a manner evocative of Old Master paintings."

“The original edition of Botanica Magnifica, consisting of five lavishly hand-bound volumes, was limited to just ten copies, the first of which was donated to the Smithsonian Institution. 

Botanica Magnifica is one of the few natural history works ever to rival Audubon's magnum opus in its scope and artistry. 

Singer’s remarkable images are bound together in this beautiful hardcover with slipcase, baby-elephant folio of Botanica Magnifica. 

This volume is organized into five alphabetically arranged sections, each introduced by a gatefold page that displays one extraordinary plant at a luxurious size. 

Each pictured plant is accompanied by a clear and accessible description of its botany, geography, folklore, history, and conservation.”

This book is 356 pages of one of the most impressive volumes of botanical photography ever printed.

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