English Gardens by Kathryn Bradley-Hole

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English Gardens by Kathryn Bradley-Hole
This book came out in 2019, and the subtitle is From the Archives of Country Life Magazine.
In this instant classic, Kathryn shares her masterpiece that revels in the glories of English gardening.
The publisher said this of Kathyrn’s book,
“An unprecedented in-depth look at the English garden by one of Britain's foremost garden writers and authorities… 
Kathryn Bradley-Hole--the longtime garden columnist for Country Life--takes a fresh look at more than seventy gardens from across England and distills the essence of what makes the English garden style so sought after.
Seasonal photographs capture the gardens--some grand, some personal, some celebrated, some rarely photographed--at their finest moments, accompanied by sparkling, insightful text. 
Featuring photographs from the unparalleled archives of Country Life, the full story of the English garden is here, from medieval monastery gardens to the Victorians and the Arts and Crafts movement to the twenty-first century.”
And the Wall Street Journal review of this book said,
“At a time when the very idea of travel is inconceivable, what a gift to be taken on an armchair tour of the great English gardens.”
This book is 492 pages of the over seventy spectacular English gardens by one of the best garden writers on the planet.
You can get a copy of English Gardens by Kathryn Bradley-Hole and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $44


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