Floral Libations by Cassie Winslow

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Floral Libations by Cassie Winslow 
This book came out in 2019, and the subtitle is 41 Fragrant Drinks + Ingredients (Flower Cocktails, Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Mixed Drinks, and Mocktails Recipe Book).

Well, Cassie's book is a gardener’s delight, and I first ran across it in a gift shop back in 2019.

The cover is absolutely gorgeous, and Cassie's creativity shines in this beautiful book.

Nowadays, edible flowers and botanically-infused drinks are all the rage - and they are irresistibly beautiful. And Cassie teaches us how to make them taste as good as they look.

Cassie's recipes include an Iced Lavender Café au Lait, Rose Petal Almond Milk, Dandelion Tea Cinnamon Cappuccino, Hibiscus Old Fashioned, Orange Blossom Moscow Mule, and my favorite — Plum Rosewater Gin and Tonic — just to name a few.

Another outstanding feature of Cassie's book is the beautiful photographs that accompany every single recipe. And if you're in the Facebook Group for the show, I shared a gorgeous video of Cassie making her Blackberry Hibiscus Lemon Drop - it's so easy and so pretty.

This book is 128 pages of beautiful floral drinks fit for a gardener and perfect for a garden party.

You can get a copy of Floral Libations by Cassie Winslow and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $4


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