Garden Design Master Class by Carl Dellatore

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Garden Design Master Class by Carl Dellatore
This book came out in 2020, and the subtitle is A Hundred Lessons From the World's Finest Designers on the Art of the Garden.
This book is absolutely fantastic. In fact, last night, I shared a video that I found on YouTube, where Carl is introducing the topics that he describes in his fabulous book. And this book is the perfect follow-up to Carl's other book, Interior Design Masterclass. In this book. Carl continues to do what he does so very well: curating a hundred landscape architects and garden designers to have them share their own answers to top gardening questions. And every single response is illustrated with photographs from each designer's work, which is what makes this book so very special.
And I love compilation books like this because it's so very rare to have someone like Carl who has that breadth of garden design knowledge. This book is truly a classic in the making.
This book is 288 pages of thoughtful yet masterful teachings from the experts, and they're sure to inspire all gardeners regardless of experience.
You can get a copy of Garden Design Master Class by Carl Dellatoreand support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $32


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