Garden Time by W.S. Merwin

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Garden Time by W.S. Merwin 
This book came out in 2016, and the author, William Merwin, wrote this book during a time in his life when he was losing his eyesight and when his eyes failed him.  He actually dictated his poems to his wife, Paula.
When I heard of this, I immediately thought of the great garden couple Jane Loudon and John Claudius Loudon - as Jane helped John transcribe his books in the final years of his life.
In 2010, William Merwin and his wife, Paula, co-founded the Merwin Conservancy at his home in Maui.  William used the 19 protected acres surrounding his home to cultivate 400 different species of tropical trees and many of the world's rarest Palm trees; William bought the property in 1977. And every day, he planted a tree.
Back in 2019. William's story was outlined in an excellent opinion piece that was featured in the New York Times.  William Merwin served as poet laureate of the United States, and he received every major literary accolade, including two Pulitzer prizes.
I think that William's poems speak to a gardener’s heart. William once wrote,
come back
believer in shade
believer in silence and elegance
believer in ferns
believer in patience
believer in the rain
And here's my favorite William Merwin quote:
“On the last day of the world, I would want to plant a tree.”
William's book Garden Time is 96 pages of inspiring verse.
You can get a copy of Garden Time by W.S. Merwin and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $8


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