Heaven is a Garden by Jan Johnsen

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Heaven is a Garden by Jan Johnsen 
This book came out in 2014, and the subtitle is Designing Serene Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection.
Jan is one of my favorite modern garden writers. Jan is a fellow garden geek and has logged forty years in garden design - helping people create the gardens of their dreams. Thus, Jan has this tremendous breadth of experience when it comes to gardens.  Now what's fantastic about this particular book is that Jan is sharing the secrets to making your garden a heavenly place to relax and your spirit. To do this, Jan focuses on three aspects of heavenly Gardens: simplicity, sanctuary, and delight.
As someone who's helped thousands of people create the garden of their dreams, Jan understands the magic that can happen when certain elements are incorporated into the garden. Jan writes about tiny spaces that she calls power spots that are incredibly restorative and grounding.
As a designer, Jan understands the Allure of something she calls the sheltered corner and how certain trees are especially good at creating a restful atmosphere. Boundaries are essential in gardens, so Jan spends time talking about fencing and pads and why east-facing garden gates are exceptionally welcoming. Other garden elements that help create a Heavenly Garden include water, color, and stone.
Finally, Jan Johnson writes beautiful books that speak directly to a gardener’s heart.  And, if you'd like to connect with Jan or read more about her work, you should check out her blog called Serenity in the Garden -  it's a beautiful little space to draw a garden inspiration online.
This book is 160 pages of how to create your own little heaven here on earth through the transformative power of a garden.
You can get a copy of Heaven is a Garden by Jan Johnsen  and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $9


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