How to Houseplant by Heather Rodino

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How to Houseplant by Heather Rodino
This book came out in 2019, and the subtitle is A Beginner’s Guide to Making and Keeping Plant Friends.
In this book, Heather covers all the bases for general houseplant care like lighting, watering, humidity, soil, repotting, and propagation. She also covers plant shopping and plant grooming.
Next, Heather details her top fifty houseplants and provides a detailed profile for each of them. Heather’s profiles include the Boston fern, the fiddle-leaf fig, the Chinese Evergreen, the Meyer Lemon Tree, the Nerve Plant, and the ZZ Plant, just to name a few.
Heather aims to help houseplant owners to feel more confident as they grow their plant collections. She even includes tips and lists for pet-friendly plants and even a top-five plant list for frequent travelers.
This book is 192 pages of houseplant basics along with favorite plants that you should consider adding to your collection.
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