Japanese Garden Design by Marc Peter Keane

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Japanese Garden Design by Marc Peter Keane
This book came out in 2017.
In this book, the landscape architect Marc Peter Keane shares how gardens are designed in Japan. Marc moved to Japan in 1985, where he’s been teaching garden design and designing gardens.
Marc does a masterful job of conveying the intentions and motivations for some of Japan's most beautiful gardens. Now intentions and motivations are two important aspects of Japanese gardens that often go unnoticed since Japanese gardens look so natural and wild. Yet, these peaceful places are man-made.
Japanese gardens tell stories - and those stories, according to Marc, are very controlled and intentional. Marc helps translate these stories along with helping us to appreciate the metaphors the gardens represent.
In the forward to Marc’s book, is this charming anecdote:
At the end of his life, American poet Ezra Pound, wrote:
“Let the wind speak. That is paradise.” The Japanese garden designer, like the poet, creates a theater for the wind to speak, and to our delight, we find that the wind has words. With Japanese Garden Design, Mr. Keane provides an etymology, grammar, and lexicon for deciphering, just what the wind has to say.”
This book is 192 pages of beautiful Japanese gardens along with cultural and historical insights that make the beauty of these gardens even more meaningful.
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