Letters from Yellowstone by Daine Smith

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Letters from Yellowstone by Diane Smith
This fiction book came out in 2000, and it won the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award for Fiction.
In this book, Diane Smith tells the story of a young woman named  A. E. (Alexandria) Bartram. A lively young woman and amateur botanist, Alexandria is invited on an expedition of Yellowstone in the spring of 1898. The leader of the expedition is a Montana professor who initially thought AE Bartram was a man.  He was shocked to learn the truth when Alexandra joins the team. Still, it's full steam ahead 4 the group of scientists, and they embark on a summer of fascinating Adventures and a web of entangled relationships. The backdrop is, of course, the beauty of Yellowstone and 19th-century concerns about science, economics, and nature. This book offers a little bit of everything - botany, humor, adventure - and even romance.
This book is 226 pages of fiction based on true American history, nature, science, and culture.
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