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Inspired by Nature by Hans Blomquist
This book came out in 2017, and the subtitle is Interiors Inspired by Nature.
In this book, Hans helps us appreciate the link between our home interiors and our emotional health.
Hans shares the elements of loving homes and comforting spaces. When it comes to interior design, nature is his muse. By incorporating natural elements into our homes, we can reduce stress and boost our mood.
Hans loves to incorporate items like still lifes and natural finds and artifacts. And Hans is a master at creating vignettes to style your home, and when they are done well, they add visual interest and connections to our personal history and the natural world.  
Using earthy colors and textures to engage our senses, Hans creates homes that exude warmth and tranquility. If you’re looking to create a personal sanctuary grounded in the beauty and simplicity of nature, then Inspired by Nature is perfect for you.
This book is 208 pages of the beauty, peace, interest, and magnetism created by nature-inspired design - right inside the home.
You can get a copy of Inspired by Nature by Hans Blomquist and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $14


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