Natural Affairs by Peter Bernhardt

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Natural Affairs by Peter Bernhardt
This book came out in 1993, and the subtitle is A Botanist Looks at the Attachments Between Plants and People.
When this book was written, Peter was a research assistant at the Missouri Botanical Garden. His book, Natural Affairs, is a mix of plant information and folklore, and science over the course of human history.
Peter highlights the various interactions in time between humans and plants. For instance, the naming of passion vine comes from the Jesuit priests who felt the vines' blossom showed the passion of Christ on the cross.
Whether the relationships are highly coveted - as with saffron (the spice worth its weight it gold), or even mysterious - as with the Asian slipper orchid - plants, like people, want to survive and thrive.
This book is 225 pages of the incredible relationships we have with plants - be they quirky, charming, delightful, or serious.
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