Organic Gardening for Everyone by Cali Kim

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Organic Gardening for Everyone by Cali Kim
This book came out in 2019, and the subtitle is Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy - No Experience Required!
In this book, Kim shows you just how easy it is to grow healthy vegetables at home - something she started doing in 2012. At the time, Kim approached her desire to garden in a very unique and compelling way: she crowdsourced it! After launching a YouTube channel under the name "CaliKim" (a nod to her California residency) and asking for help from everyday gardeners, Kim started gardening. When questions or problems popped up, Kim found support, advice, information, and connection from her viewers and subscribers. Gradually, she learned to garden, and her garden managed to survive and thrive even under the hot, harsh conditions of the California climate.
Kim’s book is her way of giving back the gardening wisdom she’s accumulated. Now, almost a decade later, Kim answers more garden questions than she asks, and she’s here to help grow more gardeners through her lovely book.
With Kim’s step-by-step encouragement, you’ll realize that anyone can garden and overcome any hesitations that gardening is too hard, intimidating, or time-consuming. With a busy family of her own, she shares her own inspirational story of balancing the garden's demands alongside the demands of a modern, busy California family.
Kim offers friendly and practical advice that celebrates the joy of gardening. She offers her best advice on her passion for organic vegetable gardening.  
This book is 160 pages of garden encouragement, wisdom, and enthusiasm from a California mom who became a passionate modern organic gardener over the past decade.
You can get a copy of Organic Gardening for Everyone by Cali Kim  and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $5


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