Petal by Adriana Picker

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Petal by Adriana Picker
This book came out in 2020, and the subtitle is A World of Flowers Through the Artist's Eye. 
Well, let me begin by saying that this book is absolutely gorgeous, and it contains original artwork by Adriana Picker.
I love that her last name is Picker and that the title of this book is Petal; Somehow, that goes together.
Now, as I just mentioned, Adriana is an artist - she's a botanical illustrator.
In this book, she features the petals from all sorts of flowers - from simple daisies to exotic lilies. And she features all kinds of angles in her work. You're going to see close-ups, cross-sections of flowers and buds, and foliage that reveals the flower's unique characteristics. You're going to see architectural beauty, incredible colors, and texture that leaps off the page.
Adriana writes about things like the fame of particular flowers and the folklore and traditions surrounding certain blossoms. She discusses the scent of flowers and floriography, which is the meaning and symbolism behind some of our favorite blooms - in addition to some fun facts and flower trivia.
Another feature that I especially appreciate about Adriana's book is that she organizes her work by plant family. First, she covers the rose family and the legume family, and then she moves into the daisy family, the nightshade family, the orchid family, and so on.
And I thought you'd enjoy getting a little taste of this personal story from Adriana that she shares and introducing her book. She writes,
“When I was five years old, my maternal grandmother, Emma announced to my mother that I would be a florist. And every time I visited my grandmother, we would spend hours together in her beautiful garden, hunting for blossoms. 
Well, I did not have very long in Emma's garden. She died when I was seven and my grandfather sold the home.  And on the day of her funeral, her roses were in full glorious bloom. And I collected a huge bunch for the dining table. My aunt Margo made me point out each Rose Bush I had picked from so that she could move them to her own garden and memory of her mother. 
My botanical education continued after Emma's death furthered by my mother, Sally. also an avid gardener.”
Now isn't that a wonderful glimpse into the early inspiration behind Adriana's work and art? I love that story.
This book is 256 pages of beautiful lush botanical art from a woman with a lifelong passion for flowers, plants, and botanical illustrations.
You can get a copy of Petal by Adriana Picker and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $26


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