Plantopia by Camille Soulayrol

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Plantopia by Camille Soulayrol
This book came out in 2019, and the subtitle is Cultivate / Create / Soothe / Nourish.
Camille helps us embrace houseplants in this book - from their care and growing tips to botanical styling and heath and beauty products.
An editor at Elle Décor Camille takes us on a tour of her favorite houseplants, hardy succulents and cacti, and flowering perennials. Promoting plants as a good source of well-being and enhancing our homes, Camille’s DIY projects are sure to inspire you to up your houseplant game.
Camille shows how to create ideal growing environments with terrariums and aquatic plant habitats with her detailed instructions and photography. She also brings plants into the home with wreaths or geometric frames that feature vines. She even stages the dining room table with natural elements like leaves and dried herbs.
This book is 160 pages of Nature Crafts, Houseplants, Indoor Gardening, and Home Decor — all designed to foster a sense of calm, harmony, and healing.
You can get a copy of Plantopia by Camille Soulayrol and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $14


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