The World was My Garden by David Fairchild

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The World was My Garden by David Fairchild

This book came out in 1938, and the subtitle is Travels of a Plant Explorer.

In this book, you learn directly from the fabulous Plant Explorer David Fairchild about what it was like to travel the globe searching for new plant species to bring home to the United States.

In this first-hand account, David shares his extensive botanical expertise in addition to detailed stories about his time with primitive cultures in the far reaches of our planet. In addition to his outstanding botanical work, David was a great photographer, and he provided all of the photos for this remarkable book.

This book is 634 pages of botanical exploration with David Fairchild as your guide.

You can get a used copy of this rare, out-of-print book, The World was My Garden by David Fairchild, and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $50.


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