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1989 David Wheeler's gardening journal, Hortus, was started.
Adrian Higgins wrote about David’s founding of Hortus in the Washington Post eight years ago saying:

“A curious throwback to the analog age landed in my mailbox the other day: Hortus, a journal of garden writing.
Almost everything about the quarterly periodical is wonderfully old-fashioned: It produces tactile and aesthetic pleasures once taken for granted ...
Flop in a soft chair, thumb the pages and ponder that Hortus doesn’t exist in some electronic ether ...
David Wheeler started Hortus 31 years ago, and he has a motto that Hortus “is for gardeners who read and readers who garden.”

Thirty-one years later, the subscription list continues to stay modest. Subscriptions are about $75 a year, which includes airmail postage. Wheeler also writes for newspapers and other periodicals to supplement his income.
He tells his friends that Hortus “pays for the tonic, but not the gin.”
FYI: I just bought a subscription myself — Merry Christmas to me.

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David Wheeler
David Wheeler

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