Celebrating National Avocado Day

National Avocado Day

Avocado is a fruit, and it was initially called an alligator pear by Sir Hans Sloane in 1696.
And, Guinness has a giant avocado recorded at 5 pounds, 6 and ½ ounces.
Don’t forget that the skin of an avocado can be toxic to cats and dogs - but the flesh of an avocado is higher in potassium than bananas.
Now, the next time the price of avocados gets you down, remember that avocados are harvested by hand. Pickers need to use a 16-foot pole to reach the hanging fruit.
And, finally, here’s a little fun fact about avocados:
The conquistadors used avocado seeds to write.
It turns out, the avocado seed produces a milky liquid that changes to the color red when exposed to air.

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