Come to the Woods

by Lydia A Tompkins

Here are some poignant words about this time of year.
This first poem was shared on this day in 1859.
Come to the woods, where flowers bloom, 
The violet peeps beneath each tree, 
And on the wintry slope bestirs 
The silver-leafed Anemone.
The yellow Cowslip decks the pool, 
And early Crowfoot lifts its shining head,
The star-eyed Liverleaf looks forth 
From out its green and mossy bed.
Lichnidia tall and Draba pure 
And Erythronium appear, 
Claytonia comes with penciled brow, 
The first of all the pleasant year.
Wake-robin nods its snowy crest, 
The Blue-Bells pale, Collinsia rare, 
The tiny Ground Nut, Squirrel Corn, 
All the joyous welcome give and share.
I then to nature's palace grand, 
All purple, yellow, green, and gold; 
Leaf-music, bird-songs, fill the air, 
The summer days, their revel hold.

As featured on
The Daily Gardener podcast:

Words inspired by the garden are the sweetest, most beautiful words of all.
Come to the Woods

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