De Longpré

The story of de Longpré is quite enchanting.
There are two images in particular about de Longpré that stuck with me. The first is such a quintessentially French image. De Longpré is riding his bicycle, peddling out to the garden with an easel on his back, a hat on his head, on his way to paint the flowers he loved so much.
The second image is a photo of de Longpré in the garden with his little daughter Pauline. In an article in the Overland Monthly, we get a little glimpse into their relationship.
"de Longpré’s youngest daughter, is a bright little miss about eight years old. If you ask for her name, she will say it is Pauline; but the only name she has ever called at home is “Joujou”; the French word for toy or plaything. She is idolized by her famous father, and when he walks in the garden she is always by his side."

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Paul de Longpré 1909
Paul de Longpré

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