Fashionable Florals

On this day in 1910, The Rutland Daily Herald out of Vermont shared this utterly charming story about a little-known flower called the Rhodum sidus:
 "An amusing story told by Hood describes how a country nurseryman made a large sum out of sales of a simple little flower that he sold under the name of Rhodum sidus.
 This charming name proved quite an attraction to the ladies and the flower became the sage of the season.
 It was one of those freaks of fashion for which there is no accounting.
 At length a botanist who found that the plant was [a common] weed requested to know where the nurseryman got the name from.
He elicited the following reply:
 “I found this flower in the road beside us, so christened it the Rhodum sidus.”

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Rhodum sidus
Rhodum sidus

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