John James Audobon

The Man with a Robin's Nest on his Grave

April 26, 1785
Today is the birthday of the great John James Audubon, who was born in Haiti.

John said,

“A true conservationist…knows the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children.”

A naturalist and a lover of birds, The Ottowa Daily Republic published a charming story about John's burial.

"John J. Audubon, the naturalist and bird lover, is buried in Trinity, cemetery.

There has been erected over his grave an Iona cross; the arms of which are connected by a circular band of stone, making apertures of the four corners at the intersection.

In one of these, (apertures) robins built a nest last month. This fell under the eye of a caretaker, who got a pole and dislodged the nest. The birds flew about disconsolately for a time, then went away.

So far as any one knows, Audubon did not turn over in his grave, neither did any of the carved birds on the [cross] cry out."

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John James Audobon 1826
John James Audobon 1826

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