Merwin’s Childhood Poetry

William Merwin

As I was researching the poet William Merwin, I came across an interview with him done by Joel Whitney back in 2010.
During the interview, Merwin revealed that his mother used to read his poetry, and one of his early favorites was Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses.
When asked about Stevenson, Merwin recalled that Stevenson had spent a great deal of time in Hawaii:
"and played cards with King Kalakaua... Kalakaua cheated at cards... They obviously got along very well together, Stevenson and Kalakaua.
They were playing cards one day, and Stevenson said, 'I’ll beat him this time: four aces.'
And Kalakaua said, 'Five kings beats it all.'"

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William Merwin
William Merwin

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