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 It was on this day in 1757 that the botanist John Bartram letter to Philip Miller.
Miller was the chief Gardner at the Chelsea Physic Garden from 1722 until his death. He corresponded with botanists from all over the world, including John Bartram. Miller even trained William Forsyth after whom Forsythia is named.

When Bartram wrote to Miller he shared some of his personal preferences as a gardener.

First, he shared his desire for variety in the garden. He said,

"One or two is enough for me of a sort."

Later in the letter, he shared his dislike for plants that weren't hardy in Pennsylvania. He wrote to Miller saying,

"I don't greatly like tender plants that won't bear our severe winters but perhaps annual plants that would perfect their seed with you without the help of a hotbed in the spring will do with us in the open ground."

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John Bartram
John Bartram

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