Karl Franz Anton Ritter von Schreibers

Minerals and Meteorites

Today is the birthday of Karl Franz Anton Ritter von Schreibers. 
Schreibers was an Austrian naturalist and a botanist. In 1806, Schreibers became the director of the Vienna Natural History Museum. He was an excellent botanist and ecologist, but his heart belongs to minerals and meteorites.
Schreibers made Leopold Trattinick a curator of the museum herbarium, which was founded in 1807. The Austrian Empire had a thing for plants and horticulture. So expeditions were sent to collect new materials, including minerals for the museum.
Many famous botanists were involved with these expeditions, including Carl Phillip Von Martinus.
In 1848, during the revolution, the museum caught on fire. The protesters not only destroyed the library Schreibers had carefully built up, but they also destroyed Schreiber's home - his living quarters or right inside the museum. It broke Schreiber's heart. He retired and died four years later.

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Karl Franz Anton Ritter von Schreibers
Karl Franz Anton Ritter von Schreibers

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